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  • Yes they are. When you or your clients visit your website on any mobile device you’ll get a mobile friendly experience. This allows for improved navigation and optimized page loading for mobile platforms, making it easier than ever to view your website on the go.
  • It’s your Customer Relationship Manager. Every quote request, contact submission and site notification that someone makes through your website will not only be emailed to you, but you will also receive a copy in your CRM. Here you can manage your leads, make notes on customers, prioritize requests, assign leads to other site users you may have, etc. You can also import and export your client list if it is in an excel or csv file spreadsheet format. This is only available at this time on the Pro Subscription.
  • Log into your website control panel.  Click the Site Settings Tab and then the Manage Site Info. Half way down the page on the right you can toggle the information on or off to display or remain hidden on both the phone and address lines.
  • No, we do all the work for you with your choices in the website setup prompts. Just point and click on the design template you prefer, fill out some information about yourself and your business, choose destinations and suppliers you sell, and within minutes, you'll have a professionally designed website. Make sure you use your business phone number if you have one and your business email as these will be displayed on the website. When you are asked for your business name do not add www or .com.  This business name will display with a subdomain only.  (your site name or URL will be at first) You can go back after the initial set up to change themes, add logos and more!  

    Please review the Related Tutorials built into the agent studio control panel for additional independent training.
  • To simply create your website, it will only take a few minutes! . Most users can expect to be up and running with dynamically integrated content and a personalized look within 15 minutes. From there, it’s up to you how customized you make your website. Remember the site URL with be a subdomain that displays with
  • Agent Studio provides access to editorial content and supplier generated content from across the Travalliance network of products and services including TravelPulse, Vacation Agent Magazine, Agent@Home magazine, and our vast video-based and instructional services such as Travel Agent Academy, Virtual Travel Seminars, and more. Based on the template you choose, and the profile you create for your business, this content will be published dynamically to your site.

Accounts & Billing

  • On the sign in page there is a link called Recover My Password. Enter the email address you used to sign up, and a new password will be emailed to you. Once you are able to sign in, you can change your password to whatever you choose by clicking Change My Password in your website control panel. If you are not receiving the email soon after you submit for a new password, please check your spam or junk folders to make sure it did not go there first. If you are still having an issue, you may contact the Support Team.
  • Log into your website Control Panel.  Click Site Settings and Manage Site Info. The first field is called Website Name, which you can change to whatever you would like displayed. If you wish to change the current URL (subdomain) you will need to contact support.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as forms of payment.
  • We’re so convinced that you will love your Agent Studio website, we are offering you 7 days to test drive the Pro Subscription for FREE! . You will be notified at the end of your trial with the opportunity to subscribe (add a credit card).
  • You can still log into your control panel and the site will let you enter your credit card info by clicking the Billing Information Tab located on the left hand side of your control panel. Once all your billing information is updated, you should be able to have full access to your site.  If not, please mail support and we can make the adjustment for you.
  • All cancellations must be received and processed at least one week prior to your next monthly billing cycle in order to avoid an additional charge to your account. To cancel, you can do so by going into your control panel, Click the Billing Information Tab and remove your credit card.  Please contact us by email at as well to have the site closed.  Make sure to include your first and last name, Site URL and phone number.  If you currently make payment through a Host Agency you must notify them as well.


  • At this time Agent Studio only provides one booking tool.  Thisi is our Hotel Tab.  If you have co-branded booking links from suppliers, you can add them by going to your control panel and clicking My Booking Links. Click Create New Booking Link and add the name and URL for the link. You can also add an optional image or supplier logo and click Create Link. Once a link has been created (add as many as you have) a Book Now button will appear at the top of every page for your customers to click on. You can add as many booking links as you have, and please note that this area is only for single links and not booking engines or full lines of code.  You may also Create New Pages to display on your website with these booking links.
  • We provide a commissionable, consumer friendly, online booking engine for Hotels.  Your clients can book from an inventory of over 144,000 hotels worldwide.  You earn commission for every completed booking! We can also add other booking engines of your choice, provided that you supply them. Every supplier offer posted on your site contains a Request a Quote button, which prompts a short form for your clients to fill out to request more information.  These forms are sent directly to you via e-mail. Depending on your subscription it will also be listed in your CRM tool.  From there, travel agents must follow-up on their requests and complete the booking. Travel agents can also add any co-branded booking links available from suppliers to the My Booking Links sections of the control panel. This will generate a Book Now button at the top of every page of your website. The Agent Studio platform also allows for creation of custom pages that feature booking engines “iframed” directly into your website which enables your clients to book directly within the co-branded booking link.
  • Agent Studio offers two specialized support departments to ensure you receive the proper assistance for all your hotel booking questions, concerns, and needs.
    For questions regarding the functionality of your hotel booking engine, to locate reservations within your Control Panel, or to verify the status of earned commissions, please contact the Agent Studio Hotel Booking Support Department at | 855-270-6835.  This department is available to assist you Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm ET.
    If you need reservations assistance, such as to modify an existing reservation, to submit a special request or guest name change, to request/verify a refund, or confirm a prepaid booking with a hotel, please contact our affiliate reservations support department by calling 1-800-637-5044 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
    PLEASE NOTE – representatives from the affiliate reservations network can only assist you to manage reservations.  They cannot answer questions regarding the functionality of your hotel booking engine or address the status of your commissions.  Those questions must be directed to the Agent Studio Hotel Booking Support Department.


  • Customization can be done through your website’s control panel by clicking “Site Customization”, then “Customize Look and Feel”.  You can change the colors, background design, add your own background wallpaper, and even change the color of buttons, links, and modify font types (not font sizes). To add your own background image, click the dropdown box under “Background Image” and click “Upload My Own Background”. You can then select an image from your computer and upload it, then click the “Update Customization” button. To fit your entire background, standard image sizes are typically around 1920 x 1200 pixels. To keep the file size down, it is best to save for the web when downloading these background images. Make sure you have proprietary rights to the images you add to your website.  Agent Studio also offers fully customized websites, email us at for a quote.

    Please review the Related Tutorials built into the agent studio control panel for additional independent training.
  • Log into your website control panel and click Site Settings. There you will see Site Destinations and/or Site Suppliers. Check or uncheck any suppliers you wish to add or remove. If you don’t see a destination or supplier on our list that you would like, contact us and we will work on adding it for you.  Please make sure you do this as a support ticket completed from your website control panel.  Please make sure to add your name, Site URL and Email as well as details for proper communication.

    Please review the Related Tutorials built into the agent studio control panel for additional independent training.
  • Blog Tool is currently available for the Pro Subscription:  To create a blog post, click Blog in your control panel. Once there, click Blog Categories and create a category for your blog. After a category has been made, click Blog Posts and create a new post. You can add text, links, images and videos to your blog as well as having your clients leave comments. The editor in your blogs works the same as a sub-page or homepage announcement.
  • Log into your website Control Panel.  Click Site Settings and Social Media Manager. Use the tabs across the page to add your social media accounts, which will create icons on the bottom left of your footer.  In addition, all sites come complete with social media links on every page, including Facebook “like”, Twitter and Google+ posting. This is for your customers to like or post anything from your site to their social media pages. You can also add your Twitter feed right to your homepage.  You will need to log into the control panel, click Site Customization and Arrange HomePage Content. click the down arrow on any of the current content boxes and choose Twitter. Your live Twitter Feed will appear on the Home page after you Update the Homepage.

    Please review the Related Tutorials built into the agent studio control panel for additional independent training.
  • Agent Studio has been designed to make publishing your website fast, easy, and fun. You can choose among many pre-designed templates (and more are coming soon!). You will have access to customizable color palettes, for backgrounds and link color. You can upload your existing company logo to add the personal touch to your site. To add a logo, please log into your control panel, choose Site Customization, and then Customize Header.  Browse your computer for the file.  If the logo is too large, you will need to scale the image smaller and reload it.  You can also email the support team for a quote to design a new logo.

    Please review the Related Tutorials built into the agent studio control panel for additional independent training.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website visible in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The more your site is indexed in these search engines, the more likely it is to show up in results when someone searches for a travel agent in your area, for example. Our developers have built and coded Agent Studio websites using SEO best practices and automatically prevent any duplicate content you have on your website from harming your indexing and ranking in search engine results. We have also provided every website with back-end tools you can use to help better these rankings even more. Fill out the areas of your site that ask for Meta Title (naming the page), Meta Description (sentence or short paragraph that specifically describes your page) and Meta Keywords (words and phrases very specific to you, your business or the particular page). Please sign up for our free classes as well.  The AS Academy tab is located in your sites Control Panel.

    For a PDF reference guide to understand more about SEO, click here.
  • All sites were built and coded to be search engine optimized (SEO). The content that shows up on the sites will not hurt your rankings, but the more unique content you have on your site, the higher your site will be ranked. In Site Info, there are places to add Search Engine keywords, titles, meta descriptions, etc. as well as in the editor for each page, sub-page and homepage announcement you create. Here you can add keywords and phrases that are specific to your agency and business. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, just because you sell Las Vegas, having that word alone won’t help because everyone will have that word. Make it more specific and add in your location, the types of travel you sell and anything you want to be found for in search. For more information sign up for Agent Studio Academy's Search Engine Optimization courses. You may access the course list via or through your website’s control panel. Look for AS Academy for a current class list.
  • That is when you sign up for a free Google Analytics account and add in your website address. Once Google verifies your website, you’ll receive a code that you paste into Google Analytics. This tab is located when you log into the website control panel, click Social Media Manager.  After it has been added, you can visit your Google Analytics account whenever you want and find out your site traffic, page views and other tracking information for your site.

Marketing Center

  • If you have a paid subscription for your Agent Studio website, then there are no requirements for the use of the Marketing Center.

    Site owners who are using a Free Site Package are required to maintain a minimum of 25 valid contacts in their Marketing Center to retain full access. This minimum exists to ensure that we can continue to offer a free option to our agents. We use this minimum as a metric to measure engagement on the platform and it allows us to offset our costs of both the physical hardware required to run the platform as well as the cost to us for each email message sent.

    If you fall below this requirement, access to the Campaigns section of the Marketing Center will be restricted until 25 valid contacts are present. You can re-validate this requirement at any time by visiting the homepage of your Agent Studio control panel.

    For all subscription types, free or otherwise, your contact lists are your contacts.  We will never share or sell your contact lists with any third party.
  • Site owners who are using a Free Site Package are required to maintain a minimum of 25 valid contacts in their Marketing Center to retain full access to the Marketing Center.   You will still have access to your website.

    To fulfill this requirement, simply import or create contacts in your Marketing Center (under any list(s) you prefer) until the Master List indicates you have 25 total contacts.

    Then navigate to the homepage of your Agent Studio websites' control panel where an alert should be present indicating that this requirements is not met. Click the re-validate button in this alert to instantly re-check the requirements and you will be immediately notified of success or failure.

    Once this requirement has been met successfully, simply log out and then back into your Marketing Center to regain full Campaign access.


  • To use your current Domain Name:

    1. Log into the domain registrar for your current Domain Name.
    2. Navigate to the DNS section for your Domain Name.
    3. Under CNAME records, for the Hostname “WWW” add “SITES.AGENTSTUDIO.COM” under Points To.
    4. Then go to A records, and change the Hostname “@” to “” under Points To.
    5. Log into your Agent Studio Control Panel through the Admin Access at the bottom of your Agent Studio website.
    6. Navigate to the Manage Site Domains section for your website. (Under Site Settings, on the left navigation.)
    7. Enter your current domain under Domain Name. Check “Yes” to make this Domain Name the primary Domain Name used to access your website. Then click Create Domain to add the new Domain Name to your website. (You can add multiple Domain Names, but you can have only one primary Domain Name.)

     If you have more than one custom Domain Name for your website, you will need to repeat steps 1 – 6 for each Domain Name. The changes usually take effect immediately, however, it can take up to 24 hours based on your domain registrar’s DNS server caching policies.

     Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to change your Domain Name’s DNS settings. If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

    *Unique Domain Usage is for Paid Subscription Sites Only
  • To access your Travefy account simply log into your website’s control panel. The Travefy link will be available on the left navigation of your control panel. Click the Travefy link and you will be logged into your Travefy dashboard.

    Click here to access the “Get Started” guide for Travefy.
  • To setup Sendible (SSP) for your Agent Studio website, follow the steps below:
    1. Log into your website’s control panel. The Sendible link will be available on the left navigation of your control panel.
    2. Click the Sendible link and you will be logged into your Sendible dashboard.
    3. Click the “Services” tab in your Sendible dashboard and add your social media account (Facebook/Twitter). Please note for adding Facebook:
      1. To add your Facebook account, select Facebook Post
      2. To add your Facebook business account, select Facebook Fan Page
    4. Once added, log out of your Agent Studio control panel. When you log back into your Agent Studio control panel, your Sendible account will be all set. Sendible will automatically start posting content from your website directly to your social media accounts.
  • Your cruise booking engine will be available within 32 hours after your site is built or purchased the addon. You will be able to offer your clients additional cruise booking options through your cruise booking engine that will be available on your Agent Studio website.

    Once your cruise booking engine is available you can access your cruise booking dashboard from your Agent Studio control panel. The Odysseus (cruise booking engine) link will be available on the left navigation of your control panel.

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