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Itinerary Builder by Travefy

Earn more while sending your clients on a personalized getaway by customizing their trip with our itinerary builder by Travefy. You can build simple, beautiful itineraries, that sell themselves. Travefy allows you to easily and quickly arrange events, flights, venues, attractions and accommodations on a clear and great-looking itinerary. Target the millennial market with unique personalized itineraries.

Simply enter the name of a restaurant, venue, hotel, etc., and Travefy will add the all the details. Use your expertise to build a library of saved places, content and destination information you can use repeatedly. Add beautiful image galleries to create a visually stunning itinerary that is sure to attract interest. With just a few clicks, you can make your custom itinerary available to the world by posting it to your Agent Studio website. No copying and pasting required.

Fast, Fun and Simple

Our itinerary builder gives you options so you can give your clients options. Share the trip via a mobile-friendly link or our unbranded Trip Plans App for iPhone and Android. You can also export a gorgeous PDF for those clients that love seeing the trip on paper. Simply want to wet your client’s appetite? Easily hide what you don't want to share.

Travefy comes with a free app (for iPhone and Android), so even if you are away from your desk, you can view any of your client itineraries and chat with them on the go. Your clients also get a free, simple app to view their itinerary and stay in communication with you, their travel agent. This saves them time and money while on a trip and makes you a star.

Our itinerary builder is just another tool Agent Studio offers to keep your business portable. Contact Agent Studio today for more information on Travefy

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